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Открыли мене глаза на персиковое масло. 999999 пишет - -
может и не поможет, но я решила что слышала apple butter. тогда
если гуглить словосоч, есть рецепт янехимик врубить пространственно-темпорально-температурное вообр и сказать оно это или нет

amigofriend уточнил - -
Fruit butter - это название одного из типов варенья:
Fruit butter is a very thick, smooth fruit puree. It is made by slowly cooking fresh fruit with sugar until the fruit is so tender that it can easily be made into a puree. There is no butter in the recipe, and the name comes from the fact that puree has a smooth, silky texture to it. In terms of flavor, fruit butters have a very natural flavor to them because, although some sugar is added during cooking, the main ingredient is fresh fruit. Fruit butters typically are less sweet than jams and preserves are, and they are much smoother (and sweeter) than something like applesauce.
А, ну да, пюре и есть :)

Ну, деточки, поехал я на работу....

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